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今 回は1等車でミラノまで行きました。ヴヴェイからモントルーまでは快速電車か鈍行列車、モントルーからミラノ行き特急電車に乗ります。From Vevey to Montreux - Local Train, from Montreux to Milano - EC or CIS

Milano: Clothes donation Box.
ミラノ中心部。向こうに見えるのはCastello Sforzesco.
Down Town Milano.
In the Park of Milano. The cafe serves good food & drinks.

In Bergamo old down town.
ベルガモ:IL PIANONEのレストラン庭園からの眺め。
A view from restraurant; IL PIANONE.
レストランの庭。The Garden.

MONZA PARK. This park used to belong to the Italian royal family.

今 回のイタリア帰省はいつも以上に面白かった。なぜかって?いつもはSesto San Giovanniの街で何もせずに過ごすのですが、今回は、な・ん・と…「物件探し」をしたのです。今まで家を買うなんてとんでもない…と思っていたので すが、イタリアのマンマ(お母さん)がすごい勢いで「家を買いなさい、家を買いなさい」と最近しつこいほど言ってくれるので、お姉さん達の力を借りて MONZA(モンザ)へ売りに出ている物件を探しに行ったのです。Monzaは大戦後に解体された旧イタリア皇室があったところで、広い広い公園もありま す。そして、F1グランプリで有名なMONZAサーキットもあります。街はきれいで中産階級のちょっと上くらいの家族が多いようです。人気のある場所なの で、売りに出ている所はほんのわずか。あるのは「貸します」のサインばかり。
物 件探しの他は、土曜日にベルガモへ挙式のための教会とレストラン探しにも行きました。レストランは、他にもいろいろ下見をして決定する予定。当の本人達はスイスに住んでいるので、下準備は全部イタリアのマン マとお姉さんに頼りっぱなしです。(というか、お願いしなくても動いてくれるので本当にありがたいです。)この日はベルガモの両親宅で夜遅くまでおしゃべ りが続き、深夜に帰宅しました。
月曜日はManuはミラノのオフィスへ出張。Bambinaは午後からスポーツ用品店へテントの交換に行きまし た。土曜に買ったテントの一部が破れていたのです。このテント、2秒で設置できる超簡単テントです。畳むのも数秒で完了。レマン湖周辺での「なんちゃって キャンプ」用です。
帰り道にお兄さんに頼まれたネスプレッソマシーン用のコーヒーカプセルを、ミラノの中心部にあるネスプレッソブティックで購 入。初めて一人で地図を持って、お店探し…。ちょっとワクワクしていたのですが、案外簡単に見つかりました。場所は地下鉄San Babila降りてすぐのギャラリアの中です。
As soon as Mamma (Mother in Italian) mamma saw Bambina, she said " BUY A HOUSE!" Our weekend was all about "LOOKING FOR". We went to Bergamo to look for a church & a restaurant for our wedding. We found an old church that has beautiful Fresco paintings and we will probably use this church. Then we went up the hill of Bergamo to check a restaurant " IL PIANONE". This place has an amazing view, looking over the entire town of Bergamo. However, we are still waiting for other options.
Then, on Sunday... we went to MONZA to look for ON SALE houses... but it was almost no houses ON SALE in the wonderful central MONZA area. A huge forest park of Monza and the palace of the Italian Royal Family are right there! Very nice enviroment to live! But... they don't have Metro, yet... we heard that the Metro plan has just approved by the city. Though, we assumed that it will take a very very long time to finish the construction...why? because it is ITALIA!
If anyone wants to travel between Switzerland and Italy, you better take CIS (CISALPINO) train. There is EC(Euro CIty) train between these countries, but CIS is better anyway. For coming back to Vevey, we took CIS 38 leaving at 20:25 Milano. Arrived at Montreux at 23:18. We were tired enough when we arrived there, so we took a taxi to home...

Metro station in Milano.

MUJI in Milano. 無印良品、ミラノ・ブエノスアイレス通りPICT0108

We went back to Milan Friday evening and stayed until Sunday evening. We usually take trains to go back to Italy from Switzerland. It takes 3-4 hours, it depends on which train you take. Normally, train tickets are expensive in Switzerland as well as Japan. But if you live in Switzerland and have Demi-Tarif, the trip to Italy is a very good deal. Make a resevation min. 3days before the weekend, stay in Italy at least one night over weekend, then show your Demi-tarif at the travel office in the gare. It costs us 57CHF, plus 10-15CHF for handling fees.
On Saturday, we headed to police office to see if Bambina's residency permission was ready or not. We saw a long line in front of the entrance and we saw a sign which said " ready for the permission people who applied before 15th Novemver 2004". She applied the end Dec, so it will probably take 2more months for her to get it... How come the Italian Public services are so behind? They are so slow but they behave like they are the KINGs. Well, we really hate taking about it.
After the legal issue, we headed to MUJI shop. MUJI MILANO : CORSO BUENOS AIRES 36
We bought Wok set; Wok with wooden utensiles and bamboo chopsticks -15 Euros.
Then visited an artist in Sesto San Giovanni. The artist is a friend of our family and he made our wedding rings. This time, we recieved the beautiful wedding rings and also ordered another ring for Bambina.
Weather was not good over the weekend, so we just went home eventually and invited friends for dinner. Next time to go back to Milan will be the end of May.

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